Hydraulic and Pneumatic sealing systems.
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Unique Process :

Our Computerized Seal Manufacturing technology is one of its kind in the world ! We don’t need moulds or minimum ordering quantities be standard or non standard requirement. You can order 1 piece or 100 and can pick them up the same day!! Accuracies achived are in microns.
Range Of Size :

Almost all profile more than 100 preprogrammed on computer are manufactured at our plant in the range of 10 mm ID & 700 mm OD.We can supply you seals upto OD 2000 mm!!.
Materials of Construction :

Special engineering plastics like polyurethane, NBR, EPDM, Silicon, Viton, Teflon, Filled Teflon & Acetal are imported from Europe to give you seals for very high performance requirement. Our seals can withstand upto 1500 bars working pressure. We guarantee imported materials!!
3 Days Dispatch :

Ank-Seals is aware of your delivery requirement which is “NOW” Our INSTANT Seal manufacturing system enables us to manufacture and ship out to you in 3 days flat almost anywhere in India!!.
JIT (Just in time) Inventory :

Our guaranteed dispatch within 3 days enables you to rely on us for Breakdown maintenance requirements. This means no large stocking & risking parts obsolescence & funds Blockage.
100% Guaranteed Satisfaction :

AnkSeals endeavors to be your most reliable source for seals quality wise & delivery wise. Extra efforts will be taken to win your “SEAL OF APPROVAL”
  Technical Support :

Our own technical capability & Consultation of our principals are available to you “Free of cost.” Just Call or Fax and tell us your problems & you will receive your solution latest within a week.
Seals & Sealkits :

Make your own Sealkit –We manufacture almost all cylinder seal components by turning including ‘O’ RINGS!!!
Wiper Seal
  Piston Seal
  Rod Seal
Guide Rings
Back Up Rings
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